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Dragon Fable 9.0.0 Engine

What is and Isn't coming!

What is coming in 9.0.0:

  • The Tweak
    • Wisdom Statredsmile
    • Stat Impact on battle clarified and improved redsmile
      • Cha Impact Improvedredsmile
      • Luk Impact Improvedredsmile
    • Stat Training Costs Balancedredsmile
    • Parry / Dodge / Block Impacts brought in line with design redsmile
      • (possibly the oldest bug in game)
    • Range Being renamed Pierceredsmile
    • Daggers Changed over to Pierce Damageredsmile
    • Def Melee / Def Pierce / Def Magic impact balancedredsmile
    • Revised Scaling Coderedsmile
    • Base Class Changes
      • Skills Refocused
        • Warriorredsmile
        • Rogueredsmile
        • Mage
      • Animations Revised
        • Male Warrior
        • Female Warriorredsmile
        • Male Rogueredsmile
        • Female Rogueredsmile
        • Male Mageredsmile
        • Female Mage redsmile
      • Primary Stat Selectedredsmile
    • Scythe Fixesredsmile
  • New Battle Engine
    • Monsters attack all playersredsmile
    • More Detailed attack information stored in battle historyredsmile
    • Monster / Player attack in order determined by statsredsmile
    • New Damage Attack cycleredsmile
    • Keyboard shortcutsredsmile
  • New Stat Impacts added to Classic Battlesredsmile
  • Misc. Interface Cleanup / Polish
  • DC-able Purchases
    • Gender Changesredsmile
    • Name Changesredsmile

Not making it into current 9.0 release plans:


- Coded - Tested by me - Approved By Testers

Not Coming in 9.0 But still coming:

  • Guilds
  • Housing Revitisiation
  • More PVP

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: What's being changed with Scaling?

A: Scaling is having it's overall dificulty slightly decreased, but dificulty scaling can now also scale the enemie's to-hit and to-dodge stats. Making for more customizable monsters. Scaling code also automatically adjusts for multipul party members which will allow us to have more quests where friends or other NPCs can come along.

This is something that will only be in new quests imideatly after 9.0.0 comes out, as it requires a slight tweak to all older quest content to work there. Will hopefully lead to revisiting a lot of older quests to include new code.

Q:What is Pierce?

A:Pierce is the renamed Range. All ranged attacks will do Pierce, and also, now, Daggers will use Pierce. Pierce is affected by Dexterity the same way Magic and Melee damage is affected by Intelect and Strength respectivly. This means Rangers become a Dex focused class, instead of Strength.

Q:What Is Wisdom?

A: Wisdom will replace Intellect in affecting the amount of MP You have. This will put Warriors, Rouges and any melee/ranged based secondary class on even footing with Mages, allowing everyone to balance between the power of skills and being able to unleash more high-cost abilities in battle. In short, it is Endurance for MP.

Q:What Are Expiring Items?

A: Expiring Items will be items (Most likely DC) that will provide a temporary impact that will be removed after a certain period of time. For Example there could be X-Boost type Items, purchasable for DragonCoins that will give you bonus experience and gold from all monsters in the game. These are premium extras only. Expiring items however let us add extras in game that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

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