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First Dragon Amulet: Saturday, May 12, 2007

Special Title: Master Doom Knight


Corn Kernel (72)Turkey Tail Feather (22)
Atgasedd DollGrenwog Jr
Eternal LocketCloak Scrap
Shadowheart BracerLegion Bracer
Summon Destiny DragonStan the ScanOrb
AnglerChi Blast
Indecent ProposalIce Gem
Unlucky Doom Essence (39)Lucky Hammer
Grove Tender BladeCysero's Hamsterclysm
Mirror Eye TrinketSoul Purifier
Summon HondaNot-So-Tiny Bubbles
FirebrandPirate's Booty
Emperor LinusForsaken Twin Blades of Doom
Forsaken Skullstaff of DoomForsaken ShadowReaper of Doom
Dagger of the AmuletCrogen Amulet
RAZE A Glass IVA Void-ance Belt
Defender Cannon Mk. IVFragmented Blade
Brave BladeFierce DragonLord Helm
Slimy NecklaceElemental Unity Defender XV
Brilliant Bloodstone RingBlade of Destiny
Fat WerepupBaltael's Aventail
Escelense Dragon Defender Daggers VIIFrozen Claymore
Unhallowed DeathKnight CircletRunestone
Blade of AweWarlic's Staff
Ice ScytheDragonKnight Dagger
Ultimate Twin Blades of DestinyThe Hidebehind VIII
Warding GirdleNecro Paragon Soulblade IV
Ultimate DragonStaff of DestinyFrost Moglin Knight's Helm VIII
Leorilla Mane Belt IVUltimate Blinding Light of Destiny
Groundhog Wings IVSoulForged Scythe
OmniBladeDoomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
Ancient Dragon Amulet Scythe of the ElementsTentacle of the Dominion III
Leaf of Flux IIISea Chicken's Conquest III
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Uncharged)Necrotic Sword of Doom

Bank Items

Pure Shard of the Dawn (2)Archivist
Memory Fragment IMemory Fragment II
Memory Fragment IIIMemory Fragment IV
Memory Fragment VMemory Fragment VI
Memory Fragment VIIPrimal Corrupt Essence (25)
Silver Ninja Token (200)Bronze Ninja Token (811)
Gold Ninja Token (72)Platinum Ninja Token (9)
ChickenCow ArmorChronocorruptor
Baby ChimeraBaby Chimera
SporcalingBaby Chimera
Chest of Enduring TimeSnugglePanda
ShadowWalker of TimeChef's Hat
DoomKnight ArmorDragon's Patience
Dragon's RageSnugglebear Helm
Defender's Medal (1436)Dimensional Transphaser
Gnomish Personal Steamtank Mk IIEvolved ChickenCow Armor
LimeWorks!Summon Gem - Ricterild
Malifact's DOOMGrove Tender Visage
Grove Tender TwigsVile Infused Rose Spear I
Ruby SpikeMedewwsa's Head
ZardSlayer BladeNecro Paragon Armor
BoneheadAscended ChickenCow Armor
PyromancerIcebound Revenant
enTropyKathool Adept Armor
Ancient ExosuitDreaming Togslayer Armor
Jova's RageFireline
Summon Gem - ReaverSummon Gem - Roktoru
Summon Gem - IlluminaFirelock
Bacon StormShiney Snowflake on a Stick
Skull Crusher BlasterOverclocked Rummage
Corkpopper IVCheshire Twilly
Blue Box IIIShining Halo of Seasons
Mr. PooflesShining Fireflies
Undead ChickencowZardbirillaomgiphant
Mr. PooflesCorrupt Twin Blades of Doom
Corrupt ShadowReaper of DoomCorrupt Skullstaff of Doom
Grimey RingLegendary Staff of Aww
Fierce Deatharrows CatFierce Josh Cat
Fierce LFAL CatFierce Baron Cat
Fierce Prius CatFierce BraveSirRobin Cat
Trithril Mesh CircletAika Backguard
Commemorative Birthday Helm VIIInlaid Trithril Belt
Defender's Dragon Belt XXDefender's Dragon Necklace XXXII
Mini SquishieLinked Bands of Nature's Bounty
Trithril Armored BeltGouda Fwendship Necklace
Wooden Sword of Doom IVTogsmas Cloak IX
Commemorative Birthday Daggers XIICommemorative Birthday Staff XII
Commemorative Birthday Sword XIIGrand Master Dagger
PalachillyPoison et Roses Katar IX
Sir Jing's Dagger IXSir Jing's Staff IX
Boxhat VIIIGnarly Guitar of Doom IV
Grand Master StaffPoison et Roses Staff IX
BraveSirRobins Fearless HelmThe Barons Fearless Helm
Deatharrows Fearless HelmProwling Shadowcats
Doom Dragon WingsMiniphage
Scythe of the Ice DragonScythe of the Water Dragon
Scythe of the Stone DragonScythe of the Energy Dragon
Scythe of the Nature DragonScythe of the Wind Dragon
Scythe of the Fire DragonScythe of the Bacon Dragon
Scythe of the Light DragonScythe of the Darkness Dragon
Bone Shard DaggerThe Glory of Twilly
World Destroyer WingsGhost's Blade of Spooky Hotness
CharisongShake Spear
Ascended CrestRoly Poly Fishhead
Ice Cream SwordfishCordial
SprinklesUnhallowed DeathKnight Amulet
8 Star General ButterbombRolith's Hammer of Protection
Sun God VisorSun God Scythe
Sun God CapeNick's Toasty Cape VIII
Orion's Universal BeltUnhallowed DeathKnight Belt
Patriot Fury VIIIDragon Blade
Light of DestinyTwilly's Staff
Zorbak's StaffShadowfire Axe
Irismancer's StaffHunter's Flexible Wrap
Festive Gift OpenerTranscendence
Overgourd CoverTaffy Belt
Ascended Spear Dragon's Heart of Nature XI
Sundragon PendantGrove Tender Twigs
Grove Tender VisageDeadly Swamp Sai V
Light of WisdomLight of Ambition
Hero's ArmbandSerenity's Prowess
Doom Dragon ScytheOversized Knight's Fork VIII
Vile Infused Rose Dagger IXMwclis Mwrn VIII
Hero's Heart CarverMewphant IX
Necro Paragon Cape IVOversized Undead Fork VIII
Cheesemonger's GratitudeFrost Moglin Knight's Cloak VIII
SoulForged StaffMooncaller Staff
Oversized Knight's Spoon VIIISoulForged Sword
Wormwood's StaffMooncaller Scimitar
Mooncaller SickleWormwood's Dagger
Atgno Infused Rose HelmInfused Sheathed Rose Blade
Squirrel Tentacle IVVoid Chitin Band IV
SoulForged DaggerMolten Flow Ring VIII
Royal Vault Staff VMeowphant's Mettle IV
Unlucky Clover VIIIEbil Incarnate Cleaver IV
Stormhawk VIIITangled Essence of Sinnocence
Tangled Essence of SinnocenceTangled Essence of Sinnocence
Tranquility of the SelfElite Axe of the Sunken Rose III
Grove Tender BladeHoney Laden Girdle V
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Uncharged)DoomKnight Cloak
DoomKnight Helm


House Items

Broken Healing PadVault
Magic MirrorArmor Closet
Orb Of SavingMeltface Akriloth Figurine
Storybook CollectionPortrait of Timmy


Friday the 13th 2011: 2(0) Waves DefeatedRising Fire: 3(0) Waves Defeated
Wrath of Wargoth: 4(0) Wrath WaveTurducken: 3(0) Turducken Waves
Rhubarb: 1(0) booties collected for RhubarbDragonRider War: 43(0) Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: 6(0) Waves DefeatedSerenity Before The Storm: 7(0) Waves Defeated
The Dark Night: 1001(415) Waves DefeatedIce Cream Invasion: 1001(54) Sweets Stopped
Friday the 13th: Weal: 800(15) Waves DefeatedBlack Winter: 4311(3) Waves Defeated
The Blood Moon: 1(0) Waves DefeatedGhoulidays: 4822(350) Waves Defeated
The Maleurous: Sinnocence: 10001(256) Waves Defeated

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