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First Dragon Amulet: Friday, August 30, 2013

Special Title: Master Doom Knight


X-Boost: UnlimitedChest of Enduring Time
Eternal LocketStan the ScanOrb
AnglerElemental Unity Defender II
Falwynn's Disguise KitDragonoid Dagger I
Blade of AweNecrotic Sword of Doom
Warlic's StaffEthereal Devourer
Zeclem's HeirloomZeclem's Band
Poison et Roses Staff IXBaltael's Aventail
Love CrusherJova's Wrath
Manawood Staff VShadowWalker's Visage IV
Sir Jing's Staff IXThe Great Grey One
Leorilla Mane Belt IVShadowWalker's TimeScythe IV
ShadowWalker's Chakram IVUltimate DragonStaff of Destiny
IsandelDreadwyrm Katana
Necro Paragon Cape IVNecro Paragon Soulblade IV
Vile Infused Rose Spear IXSliced Cheese
Spear of Lumina

Bank Items

Memory Fragment IIIMemory Fragment VII
ArchivistSilvered Bells Cape I
Undead Slayer Badge (14)Primal Corrupt Essence (16)
ShadowWalker of TimeTimetorn Teleshard (10)
Timetorn WarbladeFrostvale Dragon Cloak
Black Ice PwnyCrystal Frostval Scythe I
Dragon's PatienceDragon's Rage
SnugglePandaAeris PvP Trophy (21)
Legion BracerShellack
Defender's Medal (208)Dimensional Transphaser
ChronocorrupterHeroPoint (2)
Snugglebear HelmCloak Scrap
Ancient Music BoxAvatar of Time
ChickenCow ArmorEvolved ChickenCow Armor
Summon Destiny DragonGnomish Personal Steamtank Mk II
DoomKnight Variant OneXan Mask
DoomKnight ArmorReaper's Blade
Summon Gem - RicterildChi Blast
FireworksIndecent Proposal
Blinded by LovePrimary Frost Devil
Nickto's SkullhelmNecro Paragon Armor
PyromancerKathool Adept Armor
Ascended ChickenCow ArmorenTropy
Icebound RevenantAncient Exosuit
Potent Hallow'd StaffLion's Pelt Cape II
Summon Gem - RoktoruSummon Gem - Illumina
Icy Battle Crown IPirate's Booty
Beryl CowlHigh Hallow'd Dagger
Falwynn's Lucky RockSkull Crusher Blaster
Chilly's Glorious VisageKuumba Cloak
Chaos Weaver HelmDark Batwing Broom
Cheshire TwillySpooky Orange Cloak
Ace of DiamondsInert Mana Gem
Moonridge Honorstaff VZardbirillaomgiphant
RunestonePtoleme Sneevmole
Doomed Dragon HelmFall Foilage Frock III
Bound PyreCorrupt Skullstaff of Doom
Diamond Ring of the EmperorWarlic's Staff
Illustrious HelmDream Hedron V
Spooked Lion's ManeIllustrious Helm
Nec-snow-mancer's CowlUndead Obsidian Dragon Staff
Mightiest 100k ScytheUWE Championship Ring V
Antipode Broadsword VIPallor's Frozen Dagger V
Wings of the Valkybrie VIIThe Hidebehind VII
Inlaid Trithril BeltHero's Silvery Essence
Shiny Tooth NecklaceAegis' Gratitude
Star Captain's Formal BeltAtrea Dream Wings VIII
Atrea Dream Helm IXBlade of Destiny
Riadne's Virulent ScytheGeo's Malachite Staff
Parrrrrotical Pete the ParrotPirate Rod IX
Pearl Rod VEmerald Staff of Purity
Grove Tender TwigsGrove Tender Visage
Grove Tender BladeKing Dragon Staff of Spades
Puzzling CardMelted Stirring Spoon
Dimensionally Shifted BladeBloody Point
Shadow Hunter Ultra SwordUltimate Pumpkin Edge
Harrowing HammerHarrowing Sword
Harrowing StaffHarrowing Dagger
Ultra OmniKnight BladeScarab Band
Brutal Cultist HoodScythe of Liberty
Dragon BladeLight of Destiny
Battle-worn Doom BladeZorbak's Staff
Ice ScytheTwilly's Staff
Judgement WheelSovereign Wings
DoomKnight HelmDoomKnight Cloak
Irismancer's StaffShadowfire Axe
Dream Hedron VIRusty Royal Blade
Unlucky Dread BladeUnlucky Dread Pillar
Sun God VisorSun God Cape
Sun God ScytheScythe of the Water Dragon
Scythe of the Ice DragonScythe of the Stone Dragon
Scythe of the Energy DragonScythe of the Nature Dragon
Scythe of the Wind DragonScythe of the Fire Dragon
Scythe of the Bacon DragonScythe of the Light Dragon
Scythe of the Darkness DragonHoned Funny Bone
SoulForged StaffZeclem's Belt
Runed ChainsBone Shard Axe
World Destroyer WingsUnchained Staff
Chronocorrupted WingsChronocorrupter Edge
Lovely BookLovely Time Tome X
Dragons Ex's Calibur VIIIStaff of Valentine's Pride XI
Ex's Calibur of Forgiveness VIIEx's Calibur of Love VII
Ex's Calibur of Truth VIIEx's Calibur of Honesty VII
Dagger of Valentine's Pride XISword of Valentine's Pride XI
Dragon Mages Wept XDragon Rogues Wept X
Fighters Ex's Calibur XMy Tiny Green Pwntern V
Poison et Roses Katar IXPoison et Roses Blade IX
My Tiny Void Pwny IVSoulSmith Staff XI
SoulSmith Sword XISoulSmith Dagger XI
Frost Pumpkin Staff VITournament Staff
Icebound WingsMy Tiny DOOM Pwny VI
Full Moon ScytheBlade of Dread
Blade of GloryVoid's Umbra
Royal Vault Sword IVRotten Overgourd Cover
Cursed Overgourd CoverOvergourd Cover
Jack's RageJack's Spire
Jack's CarverThe Necsnowmancer
PalachillyBaltael's Aventail
Archivist's Cap L IVCandemini
Sir Jing's Sword IXSir Jing's Dagger IX
HawkarrotMwclis Mwrn VIII
Groundhog Wings IVSentog Helm IV
Frost Moglin Knight's Cloak VIIIFrost Moglin Knight's Helm VIII
Frost Moglin Knight's Glaive VIIISoulForged Scythe
Necro Paragon Helm IVInfused Sheathed Rose Blade
Atgno Infused Rose HelmJack O' Boy VIII
Cheesemonger's GratitudeCheesemonger's Gratitude
Prismatic IridescenceHero's Heart Carver
Hero's Heart CaneHero's Heart Cleaver
Mooncaller StaffSerenity's Courage
Serenity's ProwessHeart Inquisitor's Glaive
Heart Inquisitor's CloakSerenity's Wisdom
Serenity's GraceHero's Armband
Doom Dragon Scythe


House Items

Basic End Table with RosesBasic End Table with Roses
Armor ClosetOrb Of Saving
Memento MoriPridemaster
WyvernClyde the Stats Moglin
Time Travel Fairy Time Tours statueMysterious Couch
Mysterious CouchMysterious Chair
Mysterious ChairMysterious Fireplace
Outdoor Dragon GargoyleOutdoor Dragon Gargoyle
Large Outdoor Dragon GargoyleLarge Outdoor Dragon Gargoyle
Ravenloss ScythesRavenloss Scythes
Gluttony PortalStorybook Collection


The Dark Night: 10(0) Waves DefeatedFriday the 13th: Weal: 1001(3) Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: Heroes Defeated: 3(0) Heroes HurtBlack Winter: 166(4) Waves Defeated

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