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First Dragon Amulet: Saturday, July 18, 2009

Special Title: Master Doom Knight


Legion BracerShadowheart Bracer
Stan the ScanOrbShadow Warrior Armor
Cloak ScrapThe Last Board of Falconreach
DoomKnight Variant OneUltimate Pony Shank
Atgasedd DollLaconia
Not-So-Tiny BubblesElemental Unity Defender V
Falwynn's Disguise KitSilky Vampire Cape
Cheshire TwillyFragmented Blade
Corrupt ShadowReaper of DoomMightiest 100k Scythe
Fierce DragonLord HelmCrystal Necklace
Voidwoven Belt VRose General's Ring
Reaper's Scythe VIIGrove Tender Blade
Sir Jing's Sword IXThe Necsnowmancer
PalachillySofist Cape
CandeminiBaltael's Aventail
Unhallowed DeathKnight CircletUnhallowed DeathKnight Amulet
MoonsabreBlade of Awe
Cursed Overgourd CoverUltra OmniKnight Blade
Unlucky Dark SwordCrystal Sabre of Stars
Breath of LifeFat Werepup
PandoraDoomKnight Cloak
Rose Engraved Broadsword VIIStormhawk VIII
Necro Paragon Soulblade IVNecro Paragon Helm IV
Necro Paragon Cape IVJack O' Boy VIII
Warding GirdleThe Hidebehind VIII
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of ElementalsSyzygy Key V
Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny

Bank Items

Red Fury Feather (2)Chest of Enduring Time
Eternal LocketUltimate Pumpkin Edge
Shadow Hunter Ultra SwordDragon's Patience
Defender's Medal (294)Dragon's Rage
Ancient Music BoxBlack Ice Pwny
ShadowWalker of TimeSummon Destiny Dragon
DoomKnight ArmorTasty Swordfish
Chronomancer ArmorX-Boost: Unlimited
ChronocorruptorSlasher Mask
Shadow Hunter Ultra SwordDeathknight Cloak
Frostvale Dragon CloakCore-Strapped Egg
Grenwog JrZorbak Punting Hat
Sooty Villain's CapeSummon Gem - Ricterild
Frosty Dragon HatWings of The Hundred Infernos
FireworksElemental Unity
Elemental UnityElemental Unity
Elite Pactogonal HelmDeathknight Helm
Sword of Eye-RuleHale Ripper
Male Frost Moglin Helm IIFreezing Dragon Hat
Sun God ScytheSun God Cape
Sun God VisorValkyrie's Ride
Ram's BladeDrake's Blessing
RunemasterZorbak's Cloak
Ruby SpikeSpear Tip
Runed BroadswordChargore
Soul PurifierSummon Honda
Icebound RevenantAncient Exosuit
Necro Paragon ArmorAscended ChickenCow Armor
Dragonhead HelmPotent Hallow'd Edge
Escelense Dragon Defender Blade ISummon Gem - Illumina
Summon Gem - ReaverSummon Gem - Roktoru
Void Chitin Band ISquirrel Tentacle I
Professors AxeBeryl Cowl
Dragon Spike CloakDefender Cannon Mk. I
Final Deathknight BladeFinal Daggers of Stabina
The Hillking BladeFace of Ebil
Overclocked RummagePlushie Escherion
Dark Star Katana IIGary's Sword
Now-n-Forever HelmWicked Bone Golem Head
Dread Skull KingFrankenblade III
Sword of Valentine's Pride VAce of Spades
Akriloth's Cinder BaneAvatar's Cyclonic Scythe
Death's Regal ScytheLethal Venar
Megakyle Mega-MegaboosterRotazoru Wings II
Silk Frostval Top HatWell Worn Lucky Cap
Cysero Hair VAndazoth's Necklace
Raging SunYix's Hybrid Dagger VI
Harvest Reaper IVRolith's Hammer of Protection
Doomed Dragon HelmDark Star Katana III
Stazaar HelmNeutral Mask
Batoro AxeCommemorative Birthday Helm VI
Absent AshrkaRadiant Providence
Damask Belt of the EmperorSil Greatsword VI
Diamond Ring of the EmperorRagnarok, Earth's Edge
Spyblade of Static IIIShining Helm of Destiny
Ultimate Brand of GlorySlight Squishie
Nalmir's Consummate GiftExperimental Captain's Rifle
Escherion CapeEscherion Hood
Unhallowed DeathKnight AmuletUnhallowed DeathKnight Belt
Unhallowed DeathKnight CloakUnhallowed DeathKnight Helm
Unhallowed DeathKnight BladeEbil Love VII
Blade of JanusLich's Blackwyn Axe
Wily Guardian Pirate ScarfWily Bearded Guardian Pirate Hat
Wily Guardian Pirate HatHigh Edge of the Eclipse
Scepter of the EmporerUltimate Dragon Wings VII
Manahunter Cloak VIUndead Obsidian Dragon Edge
Mazurek's Emerald Pointer RingAtrea's Sentinel Helm IV
Systerity Sword IVFragrant Oleander Cape
Chronokeeper VIIIChained Blaze
Mistral Oleander VeilUWE Championship Ring V
Commemorative Birthday Helm VIIDracelix's Birthday Hat VII
Dark Time Sword VIIIDark Chronokeeper IX
Vampire WingsCommemorative Birthday Helm VII
Staff of ManaInlaid Trithril Belt
Cuddly DracolichCanopic Charm
Linked Bands of Nature's BountyHunter's Ornament
Malich's RetributionIceScythe
Sword of Amon Ra's Eye VStar Captain's Formal Belt
Rose General's RingVoidhugger Helm
Nick's Warm Cape VIIIUnlucky Dread Blade
Unlucky Dread DaggerUnlucky Dread Pillar
Gnarly Guitar of Doom IVPuzzling Card
Sun God ScytheSun God Visor
Sun God CapeBraveSirRobins Fearless Helm
Grove Tender TwigsGrove Tender Visage
Frost Dragon Head Blade VIIIFallen Arbitrator VIII
Rusted DragonKnight Guard VIIIFrost Moglin Defender Blade
Rose Legacy Sword XWere-Fur Cloak VI
Scythe of Liberty Nec-snow-mancer's Cowl
Festive Gift OpenerKamillia
Scythe of the Water DragonScythe of the Ice Dragon
Scythe of the Stone DragonScythe of the Energy Dragon
Scythe of the Nature DragonScythe of the Wind Dragon
Scythe of the Fire DragonScythe of the Bacon Dragon
Scythe of the Light DragonScythe of the Darkness Dragon
Grand Master SwordRunestone
Lavish Vampire CapeVoid's Shadow
Jack's RageTwilly's Staff
Zorbak's StaffMiniphage
Blazing Blade of the Primal FireUnchained Blade
Heart ScaleDazzling Midnight Wish
Ascended ClaymoreKara's Wings VI
Soggy SpybladeFetid Zardbie Scythe
Escherion's StaffDragonBlaser
Temporal ChillCarved Tooth Blade
Chronokeeper XIChronoBirthday Guy Hat VIII
Dark TranscendenceRaven of the Mysts Cloak VI
Frost Pumpkin Sword VIPirate Cutlass IX
Dazzling Noon PromiseScythe of Liberty
Dragon BladeShadowfire Axe
Overgourd CoverRotten Overgourd Cover
Harvest Reaper VICharisong
Ghost's Blade of Spooky HotnessRusty Royal Axe
Rusty Royal BladeScythe of the Bacon Dragon
Poison et Roses Blade IXWorld Destroyer Wings
Commemorative Birthday Sword XIIKiller Dragon Dagger
Eye of the Void VITranscendence
Red HeadRose Magus Wrap V
Golden Dravir Helm VILush Oleanderium
Necrotic Sword of DoomDoomKnight Helm
Wooden Sword of Doom IVBoxhat VIII
Necromancer StaffNecromancer Cloak
Necromancer HoodUnlucky Clover VIII
Ebil Incarnate Axe IVHeartseeker's Ring VIII
Leorilla Mane Belt IVCheesemonger's Gratitude
Frost Moglin Knight's Helm VIIIFrost Moglin Knight's Cloak VIII
Frost Moglin Knight's Glaive VIIIDoom Dragon Scythe
Serenity's CourageHero's Heart Cleaver
Mwclis Mwrn VIIIInert Mana Gem
Atgno Infused Rose HelmRose Researcher's Mask
Infused Sheathed Rose BladeVile Infused Rose Sword IX
Scythe of Liberty SoulForged Axe
Mewphant IX


House Items

Dragon NestGuardian Tile
VaultInn Table
Necro U HandbookA Bush
A BushMagic Mirror
Armor ClosetOrb Of Saving
Memento MoriPridemaster
Time Travel Fairy Time Tours statueFlaming Gourd-o-Lantern
Candlelit Gourd-o-LanternStomach Bed
Kidney ChairTogTog Heart
Ravenloss ScythesMeltface Akriloth Figurine
Dark Night TrophyStorybook Collection


Hiding the Blade of Awe: 1(0) Locations SearchedFriday the 13th 2011: 44(0) Waves Defeated
Zardbie War 2011: 4(0) Waves DefeatedRift War: 8(0) Waves Defeated
Lucky Day War 2012: 2(0) Waves DefeatedRising Fire: 4(0) Waves Defeated
Wrath of Wargoth: 24(0) Wrath WaveEbil War: 1(0) Ebil Waves Defeated
Turducken: 3(0) Turducken WavesFull Moon: 2(0) Waves Defeated
War at the Core: 8(0) Waves DefeatedRhubarb: 1(0) booties collected for Rhubarb
Pirates vs Ninja's: 58(6) Waves DefeatedDragonRider War: 22(1) Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: 4(0) Waves DefeatedSerenity Before The Storm: 124(1) Waves Defeated
The Dark Night: 1(0) Waves DefeatedIce Cream Invasion: 3(0) Sweets Stopped
Black Winter: 3132(2) Waves DefeatedThe Blood Moon: 2142(131) Waves Defeated
Ghoulidays: 254(17) Waves Defeated

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